Pellet stoves BURNiT Comfort PM 23 kW


Pellet stoves BURNiT Comfort PM 23 kW - with water mantle  

BBURNiT Comfort pellet  stoves do not require a separate  boiler room and  generate heat by combustion of modern fuel wood-pellets. Wood-pellets have  a  high  density ,  they  are  compact  and  do  not  require  special  storage conditions. The heat of pellet combustion provides efficiency and low ash content.  
BURNiT Comfort pellet stoves are easy to install, space-saving, equipped with convenient electronic controls. Simplicity and elegance for a living room, a restaurant or a hotel lobby. Heated and decorated room overlooking the living fire

Product features:

  • For central space heating of living premises
  • Intelligent controller. Remote control
  • Clean and fuel-saving combustion
  • Built-in pellet hopper and pellet burner
  • Water mantle (jacket)
  • Door with heat-resistant glass
  • Contemporary design. Colors: Ivory, Bordeaux and Black 

Technical specifications:



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